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Center for Teaching and Learning Development & Resources

The purpose of the Center for Teaching and Learning Development & Resources is to enable quality teaching and learning by assembling a rich array of teaching and learning resources and by creating a fine teaching and learning atmosphere and environment.

The Center is composed of two sections: Teaching Development and Learning Resources. Their responsibilities are:

》Teaching Development Section

  • Provides instructors with assistance in the preparation of teaching materials, develops a digital teaching resources sharing platform, and creates instructors' teaching files.
  • Provides instructors with training, helps new instructors take part in training activities, researches the ways and means of improving instructors' teaching methods and techniques, helps develop the teaching profession and practice, provides instructors with individual consultations.
  • Devises and establishes mechanisms that help improve teaching results.
  • Helps promote and monitors regional projects and teaching excellence projects.
  • Promotes the forming of intercollegiate and CGUST-wide instructor communities and related activities.
  • Devising a system of flexible salaries as an incentive to attract outstanding individuals.
  • Handles other affairs related to the promotion and improvement of the teaching quality.

》Learning Resources Section

  • Trains and certifies TAs.
  • Selects outstanding TAs.
  • Organizes workshops on learning techniques and the improvement of learning efficiency.
  • Promotes the creation of student learning history files and the establishment of a digital learning resources platform.
  • Has students complete questionnaires on learning efficacy and analyzes the completed questionnaires.
  • Helps devise mechanisms that warn instructors of students who are falling behind with their school work or who are experiencing learning difficulties at an early stage and that provide them with additional or remedial teaching.
  • Handles affairs concerning student independent learning communities.
  • Makes arrangements for learning consultants to stay at certain places and provide extra teaching to students who are falling behind.
  • Handles other affairs concerning the promotion and improvement of learning efficacy.

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