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Office of General Affairs

》Official Documents and Filing Section

This section manages CGUST official documents, announcements, official letters, and business correspondence, as well as audits regulations, requisitions and prepares general forms and envelopes, and provides instructors and students with mail services.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5777
E-mail : hlwu@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Purchasing and Supply Section

This section manages affairs that affect every CGUST member. It reviews and supervises procurement operations, handles construction projects, signs engineering contracts and interfaces with contractors, makes plans for the campus space, manages campus shuttle bus service, makes campus parking arrangements, administers CGUST conference rooms, maintains public areas of the campus, handles recycling , manages trash disposal, and maintains flowerbeds and plants, as well as barbecue area, school security personnel, phone extensions, copiers and other office machines.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5595
E-mail : chichi@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Finance Section

The Finance Section collects tuition fees and makes payments, manages funds, communicates with banks, and handles the petty cash, as well as promotes payment of various fees through automated equipment, creates virtual personal accounts at financial institutions, and encourages the use of electronic wallets to raise efficiency and quality of service.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5906
E-mail : mcchen01@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Custody Section

This section manages CGUST assets and outsources and supervises the cafeteria, convenience store, and bookstore, as well as on-campus merchant sales activities and the welfare of the faculty and staff. The Section also helps prepare food and drink for large-scale CGUST events and convenes a board management committee meeting every academic year.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5795
E-mail : jjhsu@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Engineering Department

This department operates, monitors, maintains, repairs, improves, and analyzes costs of the equipment that controls the supply of electricity and water, drainage, air conditioning, and fire prevention systems of the said equipment, as well as their normal operation and safe use.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5526
E-mail : hdlo@mail.cgust.edu.tw