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Office of Library & Information Services

Composed of the Library and the Computer Center, the Office of Library & Information Services is responsible for drafting library and information policies, developing and managing books and information resources, maintaining the stable operation of the information system, integrating information technology and equipment, and meeting the needs of instructors and students for books and information-related services, so as to stay on top of the latest developments in library information technology and applied information technology.

The Library is a four-story building with two stories underground (six levels in total). With a floor space of 9,204.35 square meters, the Library has books for instructors and students, supports research on teaching, collects learning resources, and provides other relevant services. It has an audiovisual room, several rooms for holding workshops and seminars, and a room for showing films. The Library has seating for 759 visitors, 7 small rooms for conducting research, and 2 rooms for discussion purposes. The Library (including its branch on the Chiayi Campus) has around 299,361 books, 35,127 items of multimedia materials, 56 types of databases, 418 print periodicals, 190,780 electronic periodicals, and 706,419 electronic books (as of the 2022 school year). The Learning Commons, located on the B2 floor, integrates teaching and learning elements in the Library, and provides instructors and students with a shared space for discussions, exchanges, brainstorming, and innovation. It consists of two sections: Book Management and Information Services, whose responsibilities are summarized below:

》Book Management Section

  • Allocation of library resources and drafting of the collection policies.
  • Collection of publications needed for teaching, research, and learning purposes.
  • Collection, cataloguing, circulation, and shelving of books and multimedia materials, as well as gathering information about them.
  • Collection, registration, and management of periodicals and journals, as well as gathering the materials about them.
  • Planning and management of the Library's space.
  • Completion and management of the information on the books collected and of various questionnaires.
  • Other book management-related matters.

》Information Services Section

  • Collection, planning, management, and promotion of electronic resources.
  • Provision of training on the use of the reference information service and the promotional information.
  • Planning, maintenance, and management of the Library's automation system.
  • Planning, maintenance, and management of the Library's administrative information equipment.
  • Preparation and maintenance of the Library's Web pages.
  • Inter-library cooperative and information exchange activities.
  • Planning and implementation of other book information-related activities.
  • Other information services-related matters.

You are welcome to visit the Library's website(Open new window) to learn more about our online collections, electronic resources, and various services. You are also welcome to visit in person or call the Library to speak with circulation or department-specific staff for assistance.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.3818 or 3819
E-mail : library@mail.cgust.edu.tw

CGUST has a well-established school information system in place for use by its instructors and students. It has established a fine and safe campus network that enables easy internet access by its instructors and students. The Computer Center has 4 computer rooms, and regular classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors to improve the teaching quality.

The Computer Center is comprised of two sections: System Development and Network Services, the duties of which are outlined below:

》System Development Section

  • Development, maintenance, and management of the school administration system.
  • Maintenance and management of the school administration server.
  • Maintenance and management of school administration-related databases.
  • Provision of support to school administration and the research on teaching.
  • Preparation and maintenance of CGUST Web pages.
  • Promotion and maintenance of campus information security.
  • Planning, establishment, management, and maintenance of computer rooms that meet the CGUST's information teaching requirements.
  • Purchase of authorized computer software for information teaching purposes and the signing of the relevant authorization agreements.
  • Maintenance of the software and hardware for the administration equipment and the teaching information equipment.
  • Other system application-related matters.

》Network Services Section

  • Planning, establishment, and maintenance of broadband internal and external networks.
  • Management and maintenance of wireless campus network and cross-campus roaming.
  • Management and maintenance of the student dormitory network.
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of the operation of the networks.
  • Changes to and control of the configuration of the network equipment.
  • Identification and elimination of network malfunctions.
  • Training of network users and answering of queries.
  • Promotion and maintenance of campus information security.
  • Promotion of campus security and respect for intellectual property rights.
  • Management and maintenance of email accounts and their mainframes.
  • Other network application-related matters.

You are welcome to visit the Computer Center's website(Open new window) to learn more about CGUST's information resources. You are also welcome to visit or call the Center for assistance.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.3859
E-mail : webmaster@mail.cgust.edu.tw