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Personnel Office

The Personnel Office performs employment-related services for the Chang Gung University of Science and Technology.The Department is responsible for recruiting new employees, salary scales, holiday management, pensions, performance appraisals, benefits insurance, and on-the-job education and training.

The mission of the Personnel Office is to:

  • Maintain all personnel-related rules and regulations in accordance with the development of CGUST.
  • Perform personnel-related duties.
  • Protect the legal rights of all staff members.
  • Provide excellent personnel services to all staff members.

The duties of the Personnel Office include:

  • Organization regulations, personnel number arrangement, and human resource planning.
  • Hiring of teachers, employees, wages & salaries, promotions, and evaluations.
  • Faculty selection, engagement, deployment, promotions, transfers, and performance appraisals.
  • Civil servant insurance and health insurance for faculty; engagement of temporary workers and handicapped personnel.
  • Continuing education, research, and training of faculty members.
  • Salary adjustments, promotions, assessments, awards, demerits, medals, and complaints.
  • Administrative renewal and work process streamlining.
  • Personnel remuneration, welfare, emoluments, and mutual welfare aid.

Contact us
Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5512
E-Mail : personnel@mail.cgust.edu.tw