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Office of Continuing and Extension Education

This office oversees the continuing and extended education offered by CGUST in an effort to share its teaching resources with the local community. The Office is committed to enhancing the level of education among employability of Taiwanese citizens, and provides working individuals with an opportunity to pursue continuing education and the general public with an environment to seek lifelong learning. The Office's principal objective is to promote lifelong learning by collaborating with businesses in the local community. The Office also collaborates with government agencies and private enterprises, offers training programs tailored to the needs of individual organizations, and actively promotes the concept of lifelong learning and recurrent education.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5607
E-mail : ccliu@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Academic Affairs Section

This section primarily handles the academic affairs of the extended education department and is focused on helping students complete their studies on schedule. Its principal responsibilities include: holding entrance exams, managing student enrollment status, scheduling classes, allocating classrooms, assessing and tracking teaching performance, managing leave taken by instructors, scheduling exams and making necessary arrangements, issuing diplomas and other certificates, handling other relevant affairs, and maintaining the quality of teaching. The Section should stay in close contact with the teaching units and play a role that facilitates communication between the teaching units and the students. Its objective is to allow students to learn in a caring environment and complete their studies on schedule.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5779
E-mail : wcsu@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Student Affairs Section

This section integrates the resources of the various sections of the Office of Student Affairs and provides comprehensive physical and mental health services. In addition, the Section helps students take out student loans and helps them obtain tuition and fee reductions and waivers, as well as receive financial aid and grants so that they can concentrate on their studies.

The Section also advises extended education department students on student club affairs and holds events such as the following: school anniversary celebrations, evening parties to welcome new students, and graduation tea parties. The Section provides a diversified extracurricular learning environment to help students express themselves and learn from each other to enrich life on campus.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5776
E-mail : sharon@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Extended Education Section

Aimed at pursuing the ideals of lifelong learning and contributing to the local community, the Section integrates CGUST teaching resources, provides a wide variety of courses, creates a lifelong learning environment, and promotes the certification of specialized skills, in-service training, skill training, government-commissioned training programs, as well as industry-academia collaboration.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5784, 5780
E-mail : ywang@mail.cgust.edu.tw