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Office of the Secretariat

The Office of the Secretariat is headed by one chief secretary and consists of three staff members. The Office supports the Office of the President by coordinating with academic departments and administrative units.

The missions of the Office of the Secretariat are to:

  • Improve administrative efficiency of the university.
  • Enhance the university’s reputation by promoting student recruitment and handling the university’s public relations.
  • Successfully conduct academic projects and activities by mobilizing and integrating the university’s administrative and academic resources.

The duties of the Office of the Secretariat include:

  • Coordinating and executing inter-departmental business of the administration.
  • Managing campus-wide council affairs and processing of official documents.
  • Monitoring the formation, implementation, and evaluation of the campus’s strategic plans and daily scheduled events.
  • Communicating with media outlets and handling public relations.
  • Arranging the schedule of the President.

Contact us
Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5505
E-Mail : sckuo@mail.cgust.edu.tw