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Office of Student Affairs

This office endeavors to create a quality living and learning environment, help students form clubs and hold extracurricular activities of diverse interests, promote moral education programs, and provide students with quality physical and mental help services as well as various scholarships and grants, so that students can concentrate on their studies.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext 5867
E-mail : student@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Student Guidance Division

To inculcate good morals and positive attitudes among students, this division actively promotes on-campus morals education and holds a wide range of diverse events. CGUST attaches much importance to human rights concepts and education on the rule of law. Therefore, relevant lectures, workshops, and campus events are held at irregular intervals to raise awareness of human rights and the spirit of the rule of law. The Division also helps students apply for student loans, tuition and fee reductions and waivers, and scholarships and grants so that they can concentrate on their studies.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5868
E-mail : sgd@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Extracurricular Activities Division

This division provides guidance to student clubs on their establishment and delivers the importance of the distinctive inheritance on all the clubs. Also, the division offers administrative assistance to organize campus festive activities and integrate associated events, such as annual Graduation Ceremony, Christmas events and large evening parties, and student association enables students not only stand up for their own rights to express different thoughts but enrich their daily lives on campus.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5542
E-mail : activity@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Student Counseling Center

This center provides individual consultations and mental health outpatient services, interprets psychological test results, and lends books on psychology. It also holds group consultations, workshops, lectures, informal discussions, organizes book clubs, shows films, holds exhibitions, and issues publicity materials at regular intervals to help students learn more about themselves and nurture self-confidence and self-respect so as to enhance their adaptability. In addition, the Resource Classroom offers help to students with special needs.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5544, 5615, 5896
E-mail : listening@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Center for Health and Hygiene

The goal of the Center for Health and Hygiene is to provide quality medical care to enrolled students. We focus on high quality care, student healthcare education, disease prevention, overall wellness, and promoting behaviors which foster a healthy mind and body. We encourage you to utilize our services and make us an integral part of your university support system. We are committed to working with you to create a safe and positive environment that will meet your healthcare needs.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext. 5812, 5813
E-mail : health_center@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》The Office of Military Education (instructor)

In addition to regular military instruction, the Office of Military Education also provides counseling services and assistance to students in times of need and emergency. This office has established a Campus Safe Center and has assigned a military instructor to be on standby 24 hours a day to keep the campus safe, and help students to deal with accidents and emergency medical treatment. The goal of this office is to advocate traffic safety, legal education and to promote the Echinacea Campaign for students, thus cultivating a habit of safety and law abidance.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext. 5548
E-mail : csc@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Student Housing and Service Division

All students studying at CGUST are required to live on campus. Hence, the Division of Students Housing and Service provides students with a cozy and safe environment for living and after-school learning on campus. The division is responsible for:

  • Providing a safe, clean & tidy, and comfortable living environment.
  • Creating a caring, harmonious, respectful, and autonomous dormitory culture.
  • Supporting students’ academic learning and character development.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext. 3556
E-mail : dorm@mail.cgust.edu.tw

》Service Learning Center

This center is responsible for implementing CGUST labor education and service learning projects. The purpose of these projects is to put the idea of "living is education" into practice. CGUST's motto is "Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness ". Students form good habits, appreciate how to cooperate with each other, learn the correct values, and develop a healthy personality by acquiring hands-on experience and rendering services to others. In this way, the school achieves its objective of providing a holistic education.

Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext. 5448
E-mail : service_learning@mail.cgust.edu.tw