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Office of Physical Education

The Office of Physical Education is responsible for providing and promoting teaching and research in the field of physical education. It is also responsible for all the physical-education-related matters at the school, including conducting athletic activities and maintaining the university’s sports fields and equipment. The goal of the office is to continually improve the quality of the teaching, research, and activities related to physical education, as well as to improve the physical fitness of the university’s students, faculty, and staff. In order to assist all members of the university to maintain good fitness, the office offers a wide range of physical-education courses, has created a quality athletic and recreational environment, and holds after-school physical activities. Through its efforts, the office hopes to cultivate team spirit, build up students’ fitness and stamina, promote a healthy all-around mindset, and develop students’ morality, intellect, social skills, health, and appearance.

》Teaching and Equipment Section

The Teaching and Equipment Section is responsible for determining the office's annual teaching tasks and conducting its scheduling. The section is in charge of holding meetings on physical-education matters, drafting and revising relevant rules and regulations, organizing workshops and seminars, making teaching and course plans, managing books and periodicals on physical education, and designing and updating the office's web pages. It prepares the annual physical-education budget and is responsible for the acquisition, requisition, and management of athletic equipment as well as overseeing the physical-education facilities and instructional equipment.

》Events and Competitions Section

This section is charged with planning annual athletic events and competitions. Each semester, it offers various training classes and holds athletic events for the faculty and staff. Every academic year, the section organizes various athletic competitions, including department cup, challenge cup, campus road runs, and the school-anniversary games. In addition to organizing competitions and making arrangements for participants to gather and practice, the section helps organize the Formosa Plastics Group Games, helping to arrange such things as referees, venues, and equipment.

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