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Department of Gerontology and Health Care Management


2 -year BS program

  • Day Section
  • Nursing and Long Term Care Associate Degree
  • Training healthcare and management personnel for the long-term care and health industry.


The elderly population in Taiwan is rapidly increasing, and therefore the Department of Gerontology and Health Care Management was founded in September 2008 to cope with the needs and ever-changing service markets for senior citizens.

Following the spirit of the founder of the Institute, "Humanistic and Realistic", we implement technical and vocational education in practical ways. We devote ourselves to cultivating specialists who are equipped with the professional knowledge and the ability to apply theories to practice.


There are two classes of 2-year BS programs in the department in each academic year. We recruit students who demonstrate passion towards senior care. With support from the university and colleagues, we aim to nurture top quality students with excellent skills and managerial talent in the senior care industry.

Contact us
Telephone: +886-3-2118999 ext.5401
E-mail : ywhuang@mail.cgust.edu.tw