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College of Human Ecology


The College of Human Ecology adheres to the principles of focusing on the person and seeking truth from facts. These principles are integrated throughout every level of our institution. Our mission hinges on practicing professional care, increasing quality of life, and building a better life for everyone.

The College of Human Ecology was established in August, 2011. We have three undergraduate departments, one graduate institute, and two research centers: the Department of Child Care and Education, the Department of Cosmetic Science, and the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences; the Graduate Institute of Health Industry Technology; and the Research Center for Food and Cosmetic Safety and the Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine. In addition, we have also established three committees: the College Personnel Committee, the Faculty Review Committee, and the Curriculum Development Committee.

Our college was founded on the core concept of whole-person education; we accomplish this through conducting specialized education and research in human ecology, and cultivating technical expertise in both academic theory and practical application. When our graduates enter the workplace, they are prepared to serve their communities and improve quality of life through promoting childhood development, nutritional health, and cosmetic services.

The College of Human Ecology cultivates the unique qualities of Specialization, Conscientiousness, and Innovation in our students, guided by our core development tenets of “practicing professional care, increasing quality of life, and building a better life for everyone.” Our College’s advantages lie in:

  • Our qualified teachers from a variety of specialties. Students receive an excellent and well-rounded education through interaction with our competent and well-integrated faculty.
  • Our vast supply of resources for students. Highly responsive administrative support and combined support from the College of Nursing and the Center of General Education help make students’ experiences enriching and smooth.
  • Our partners and affiliates. In addition to the backing from Chang Gung Medical Group and Formosa Plastics Group, we are also partnered with Ming Chi University of Technology and Chang Gung University for teaching and research. Chang Gung Hospitals are also resources for professional skills and teachers. In addition, Chang Gung Biotechnology Corporation and Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation provide excellent holistic internship and training opportunities.
  • Our high graduate placement rate. In addition to the many job opportunities provided within our professional network of affiliates, our educational foundation in theory and practical skills, which complements our emphasis on open-minded study and teamwork, makes sure our graduates are well suited to meet society’s needs. Our graduates enter the workforce with a great work ethic and a positive attitude.

》Core Features of the College of Human Ecology

  1. Specialized education and related practical skills
  2. Curiosity and problem solving skills
  3. A spirit of communication and teamwork
  4. Conscientious and community oriented
  5. Adherence to professional ethical practices
  6. Active in pursuing new knowledge and gaining worldwide acclaim

》Future Projects

To achieve the College’s development goals and to strengthen our core teachings, we have planned a series of essential projects to achieve our ultimate vision of life-long learning for teachers and strengthening the societal values of our students and graduates.

  • Establish research centers to consolidate our faculty’s varied expertise and bring about interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Encourage students and teachers to study abroad, expanding their opportunities to learn and collaborate
  • Develop a curriculum for community engagement, to foster a service-oriented spirit
  • Begin an interdisciplinary curriculum to diversify students’ skills and increase their competitive advantage in the job market
  • Hold regular first aid classes and cultivate student emergency-response and emergency care skills, and make this a graduation requirement
  • Hold regular academic conferences and seminars to enhance the experience of academic exchange
  • Encourage teachers to improve their teaching and research
  • Increase the volume of faculty research publications, to improve and promote student research and their attendance in relevant activities

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Telephone: +886-3-2118999 Ext.5716
E-mail : liyujing@mail.cgust.edu.tw

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