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Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion Research Center

Health promotion refers to encouraging the public to adopt healthy lifestyles through the combined support of education and environment. The WHO's Ottawa Charter (1984) defines promotion of health as "the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health". Residents aged 65 or older account for 20.30% of Chiayi County's population (Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C., 2020), and many suffer from multiple chronic diseases. The goals of the Center are to: (1) Establish a collaboration among basic science, applied science, funding agencies, and other partners; (2) Establish best practices for improving patient outcomes and nursing quality, and for developing health promotion strategies through theoretical research and evidence-based research; and (3) Maximize resources through pooled tools, assets, and resources. Efforts are being made for this research center to collaborate with Industry (Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Yunlin Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital and St. Martin De Porres Hospital), Government (Council of Indigenous people, Chiayi County Government), and Academia (Chang Gung University and Ming Chi University of Technology) to conduct research that will benefit the health of residents of central and southern Taiwan.

In the future, the Center hopes to play a dual role of collaborating with other national or international academic institutions and funding agencies, and becoming an international research center for clinical health research.

Telephone: +886-5-3628800 ext. 2351
E-mail : ywho@mail.cgust.edu.tw