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College of Nursing


The Nursing College has three undergraduate departments, two graduate schools, one cross-subject accredited program, one clinical competence center, and one health promotion research center. The three departments consist of the Nursing Department, the Respiratory Care Department, and the Geriatric Care and Management Department. The two graduate schools located in Chiayi and Linko campuses recruit degree-holding nurses who are working in the field. The cross-subject accredited program is designed to cultivate professionals specializing in both cosmetic science and Chinese medicine.

The nursing college is committed to the school motto "Diligence, Thrift, and Honesty". It honors humaneness and truthfulness. It strives to work cooperatively with industry and to stay current with the developments and innovations in the field of medical care. The curricula and teaching plans of the college are designed for the purpose of building healthy lifestyles, effective learning attitudes, and critical thinking in students in order to help them become nursing professionals who not only posses a high level of professional knowledge, but also provide truly compassionate care to patients.

The Nursing College began as a department to develop nursing professionals knowledgeable in the areas of both acute and chronic diseases. However, as the ageing population in Taiwan began to increase, the Department of Geriatric Care and Management was founded to cultivate professionals with senior-care and senior-care management expertise. Its goal is to bolster the medical system serving the growing number of elderly patients in Taiwan. In 2008, the graduate school was established in Chia-yi, recruiting in-service nurses for higher education in clinical and community nursing. Many of the graduates of the program put their education to work, serving communities throughout the Chia-yi area area and vicinites.

Each faculty member of the Chinese Medicine Cosmetic Science Program either possesses a Ph.D. in Chinese medicine or is a professor in the Department of Cosmetic Science. The goal of the curriculum is to create multiple-field cosmetic- science professionals who are able to serve the community with the highest level of skill and care.

In view of the increasingly unhealthy lifestyles many people in Taiwan lead and the consequent rise in chronic diseases in the country, the Nursing College endeavors to do the following:

  • To ensure all instructors and professors are licensed and highly experienced.
  • To expand cooperative efforts between the university and industry.
  • To increase the number and quality of cooperative studies the college undertakes with industry.
  • To reinforce the research and development by the Lin-ko Campus to help it become a nursing-care clinical-skill credential center.
  • To advance the community-healthcare research and development efforts undertaken by the Chia-yi Campus.
  • To produce highly competent graduates who will find employment after graduation and serve their employers well.


Professional Ethics and Health Promotion are the two required core courses designed to help students from the nursing college fulfill their life goals and lead a healthy lifestyle. The nursing college is unique in its strong focus on the holistic development of its students, as well as in its cross-discipline curriculum design and research projects. Furthermore, its integrated education plan covers all aspects of the healthcare needs of human beings, including health promotion, acute care, chronic care, and hospice care. The nursing college sees itself as the leader in its field, and it will make every effort to pursue the following goals:

  • To provide excellence in teaching.
  • To offer students a sound learning environment.
  • To set the standard in nursing education and to serve as a model of excellence in healthcare.
  • To provide a wealth of opportunities for students to participate in research projects.
  • To expand and develop university-industry cooperation in innovative healthcare research and development.

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