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Center for General Education

The Center for General Education aims to instill a holistic education, develop general education, and equip students to become capable and caring members of the workforce.


The center strives to train students to cultivate aspirations, knowledge, and understanding, in addition to developing altruistic and people-oriented reasoning, foreign language skills, and knowledge of the natural sciences. These skills improve logical thinking, foster a healthy and balanced personality, and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning.

In addition to reviewing and improving upon the current courses offerings, the center performs the following four tasks pursuant to CGUST development objectives:

  • Arranging lectures on the humanities
    Each academic year, scholars and experts in various subjects are invited to visit CGUST and give lectures on topics related to their expertise. Instructors then lead discussions to help students garner further insights from the lecture.
  • Synchronizing potential general-education courses with other departments
    To promote coordinated teaching, the enter offers general education courses and extracurricular activities in collaboration with other departments in various subjects including ”Reading for Pleasure” and “Contemporary Art.”
  • Improving students' English abilities
    • The center helps students prepare for the GEPT, invites the ETS to administer TOEIC on campus, and has drafted "Guidelines on Encouraging Students to Pass English Tests.
    • Each semester, the center holds events for "English Month" which include English recitation contests, English writing contests, nursing English video contests, and nursing notewriting contests.
    • The center creates an English-learning environment by arranging for students to interact with native English-speaking instructors to improve students' spoken English.
  • Creating an environment conducive to humanistic learning
    Art, music, and natural-science classrooms are in place to create a multifaceted learning environment. A corridor is decorated with posters of role models in the humanities and explanations of their achievements so that students can be positively influenced by them.


The Center for General Education is comprised of the Department of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Natural Sciences, the Department of Physical Education, and the Department of General Education of the Chiayi Campus.

The Department of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The Department of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences was established to provide teaching and re-search in the liberal arts and social sciences in order to train students to possess both humanistic thinking and a diligent spirit that will benefit them when they become professionals in service to society.

The Department of Foreign Languages

In response to the midand long-term development plans of CGUST, the objectives of the Department of Foreign Languages are to continually strive to improve language-teaching quality, encourage students to learn foreign languages, and provide students with a quality language-learning environment. The department provides and manages the software and hardware needed for teaching languages, periodically holds language- related events, tests students' language abilities, advises them on language-learning issues, and promotes the development of teaching materials in an effort to increase students' motivation and interest. In addition, the department actively collaborates with private enterprises. Through the implementation of various plans, industry-academia collaboration, and integration of teaching and research, CGUST is helping to build the bridge between academia and industry. Its instructors provid both theoretical and applied knowledge along with solid academic grounding.

The Department of Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences provides students with knowledge about the world in which we all live. Students utilize the school’s scientific labs and equipment to do active, hands-on experimentation which not only teaches them about the natural world, but also increases their motivation to learn.

The Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education offers a wide range of physical education courses and endeavors to create a quality athletic and recreational environment. In addition to teaching students how to develop their athletic skills and form healthy recreational habits, the department organizes after-school athletic activities to help students cultivate team spirit, build up stamina, and develop a healthy personality.


The objectives of the Center for General Education are three-fold:

  • To constantly improve the quality of teaching facilities, equipment, and digital media, and to provide an environment optimized for happy and productive learning.
  • To unceasingly improve the quality of instructors through additional training and the pursuit of further education.
  • To consistently strive to improve the quality of the courses offered and to test their merit through objective external evaluations.

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