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Department of Respiratory Care


2-year BS program

  • Day Section
  • Continuing and Extension Education


Respiratory care, one of the fastest-growing health professions, specializes in the treatment, management, and care of patients with cardiopulmonary diseases. As a response to the increasing need for respiratory therapists, CGUST has established the Department of Respiratory Care, which is the first such department among the technological institutes in Taiwan. In addition, since the promulgation of the Long-term Care Services Act, the role of the respiratory therapist in long-term care facilities has been enhanced and grown. Under the current trends of healthcare development, the goals of the Department of Respiratory Care are to design professional curricula, focus on fundamental clinical skills and experiences, develop students’ ethical behaviors and their professional virtues, and prepare students to be qualified respiratory care professionals.

The features of the Department of Respiratory Care are as follows:

  1. The curriculum is specifically designed to integrate theory and practice. Students participate in practical training in highly-ranked hospitals in Taiwan to develop their competency in clinical skills.
  2. Oversea practical training is provided to expand students’ global vision.
  3. Teaching labs are designed to replicate clinical laboratories. Students are skillfully trained to use respiratory care equipment.
  4. The Department offers two concentrations: Respiratory Care and Long-term Care. Students may specialize in one area of concentration.


We are dedicated to providing practical knowledge and skills for students. Our graduates are highly recruited in the fields of healthcare facilities, education, research, and clinical practice. Our vision is to be recognized as the premier program for cultivating professional licensed respiratory therapists through innovative research and teaching.

Currently, long-term care has become an increasingly important division of medicine. Based on this trend in healthcare development, our Department educates and trains the students to become professional respiratory therapists for the acute or critical and long-term respiratory care. Our vision is for related research to guide our future teaching and learning, which, in turn, will promote the development of respiratory care techniques, result in a higher passing rate in related certificates, and better quality patient care in due course.

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Telephone: +886-5-3628800 ext.2232
E-mail : achung@mail.cgust.edu.tw