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Student Housing Division

The dormitory is not only pleasing to the eye — it is also well-equipped! Each dormitory room is air-conditioned, has a telephone and a bathroom with a separate shower, and can house up to four students. All students have their own bed, desk and chair, closet, and individual Internet access. The dormitory has a cafeteria, a convenience store and a library that is open 24/7.

All students can use the following facilities free of charge: laundry room, living room, reading room, multi-purpose discussion room, computer classroom, aerobic classroom, instrument practice room, karaoke machine, and modern fitness equipment.

Safety is seen as the most important aspect of student housing and the dormitory's security is taken very seriously. All students must swipe their card to access the dormitory. In addition, there is a digital computer fire- prevention monitoring system installed in the dormitory and all the bedrooms have a button where students can press for help in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, every dormitory building has security personnel on duty 24/7 who patrol the building at regular intervals to ensure the safety of students.