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Extra-curriculum Activity

In order to improve the quality of students’ extracurricular activities, CGUST not only supports all the student clubs to reveal their own features, but enhances the development of potential courses, and create a diverse, caring, and creative campus culture. Depending on their nature, all the clubs can be divided into six categories as following: Technics/Art, Service, Autonomy, Entertainment, Physical Training, and Social Development. Students learn the main purpose of leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills as well as expand their perspectives and lives via participating in club activities on campus. Each year, through different training courses and social services, student clubs hold plenty of valuable activities, such as talented contests, energetic dances, pleasant concerts, interactive evening parties, useful workshops. Those activities help students foster a lively and cheerful atmosphere on campus. Members from unique clubs often take part in multiple and intercollegiate competitions to gain the honor by winning the prizes, trophies and awards for increasing school reputation.