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Leisure Facilities

》Sports Facilities

  • The Fitness Center
    The Center has treadmills, step machines, stationary bicycles, dumbbells, and male/female locker rooms with shower facilities open to faculty, staff, and students.
  • The Physical Fitness Testing Center
    The Center is equipped with body composition analyzers, height and weight scales, sit-up machines, long-jump machines, etc. for students to undergo tests.
  • The Aerobic Classroom
    For use only by persons taking aerobic lessons, the Classroom has padded floors and large mirrors.
  • A gymnasium and an activity center and gymnasium have been constructed on the Linkou campus and Chiayi campus to provide students and student clubs with more spaces for sports and club activities.

》Dormitory Facilities

  • The Fitness Center
    The Center has treadmills, basketball hoop shooting machines, and weight trainers for aerobic exercise and weight training.
  • Karaoke Room
    A spacious room with modern karaoke equipment and comfortable sofas for students to sing or organize group recreational activities after school.
  • The Computer Room
    Internet-enable computers are offered to students for gathering data, and offer students a great environment for studying.
  • The Reading Room
    The Room provides students with a quiet and comfortable self-study environment, without being disturbed by their roommates due to different schedules.
  • The Multi-purpose Discussion Rooms
    Each Room is equipped with a computer presentation system. Instructors and students may reserve the space online for group discussions or similar purposes.