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Chang Gung University Of Science and Technology
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College of Human Ecology

College of Human Ecology


Office of College of Human Ecology

College of Human Ecology was established in Aug. 2011 aiming to provide professional health care to our citizens, and to promote their quality of life best possible. The development of this college is based on the idea of the whole-person education via the professional research and education. We wish to cultivate talents in science and technology. These specialists will serve in our society and help enhance the life quality for all people.

The College of Ecology is consisted of five units, including Department of Child Care and Education, Department of Information Management, Department of Cosmetic Science, and Department of Nutrition and Health, and Graduate Institute of Health Care.

Faculty in all four departments strive to breed our prospects with social responsibility and professionalism.


We envision that:

  • Our faculty possess excellent qualities in teaching and research. Our teachers are diverse in term of their level of expertise. Hence we are able to provide the students with excellent learning opportunities.
  • We receive continuous support from within the organization. There are a number of resources that we utilize under the support of our university. The administration is functioning at a high level of efficiency. Our college also receives continuous support from the College of Nursing and Center for General Education.
  • We receive continuous supports from outside of the university. In addition to the resources received from Ming Chi University of Technology, Chang Gung University, and our very own university, we also obtain extra resources from Chang Gung educational & health care systems of and Formosa Plastic Group. For instance, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital provides us with teaching support and the opportunities for practical training. Companies like Chang Gung Biotechnology and Formosa Biomedical Corporations also provide excellent learning environment for our students in College of Human Ecology.
  • The employment rate of our students is high. Besides the employment opportunity offered by our own heal care systems, the practical training and knowledge from our college allow our graduates to excel in the work places of their choice. We emphasize team spirits and collaborative work in many courses. Thus the graduates from our college are welcomed by many companies and institutions.

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