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Chang Gung University Of Science and Technology
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Chiayi Campus

Chiayi Campus

The Chiayi Campus was established to meet the needs of the people located in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan area. As an extension of Chang Gung University, the Chiayi Campus is aimed at fulfilling its role as an educational institution that provides the surrounding area with comprehensive healthcare services.

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》Academic Affairs Section

Overseen by a section head and two staff members, the Chiayi Campus Branch Academic Affairs Section is responsible for managing academic affairs such as organizing new student recruitment activities, handling enrollment matters, administering student grades, arranging the courses offered, helping students take courses, evaluating student performance, scheduling classrooms for use, and preparing calendars in accordance with relevant CGUST regulations. The entire section's operations are computerized to monitor teaching and learning quality, improve the section's efficiency, and satisfy the needs of instructors and students.

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》Student Affairs Section

Overseen by a section head and ten staff members, the Chiayi Campus Branch Student Affairs Section is charged with helping to solve problems encountered by students in their daily life, arranging extracurricular activities, providing health and counseling services, and managing the student dormitory. The section aims to provide students with a safe and comfortable living environment.

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》General Affairs Section

Overseen by a section head and six staff members, the Chiayi Campus Branch General Affairs Section is responsible for providing administrative support to the instructors and other employees in accordance with CGUST regulations. To improve efficiency and quality, the section's operations—including all purchases, books and stationary, and financial management—are computerized with the aim of offering better services. The Section helps foster a fine research and teaching environment so that instructors can concentrate on their research and teaching and students can focus on their learning.

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》Extended Education Section

Overseen by a section head and two staff members, the Chiayi Campus Branch Extended Education Section is charged with handling three main types of operations: academic affairs, student affairs, and student recruitment and extended education.All matters are processed in accordance with CGUST regulations. Courses that meet the needs of contemporary society are offered to provide working individuals with an opportunity to pursue further education. The section is dedicated to improving society and helping make the educational process for students as smooth as possible. To this end, the section is staffed during weekends and evenings to provide instructors and students with prompt services and greater convenience.

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》Information and Library Services Section

Overseen by a section head and six staff members, the Chiayi Campus Branch Information and Library Services Section is mainly responsible for the library and computer center. The library is responsible for cataloguing and circulating its collections, providing reference information services, answering verbal and written queries, and instructing readers in the use of the library's resources (appointments available), thereby accomplishing its goal of offering comprehensive and efficient library services to both students and teachers The computer center is charged with the planning and maintenance of the computer hardware, management and maintenance of the servers, planning and maintenance of the network environment, and provision of training in information and consultations. The center's array of information services and network environment supports teachers and administrators via rapid integration of information services.

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》 Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion Research Center

Health promotion refers to encouraging the public to adopt healthy lifestyles through the combined support of education and environment. The WHO's Ottawa Charter (1984) defines promotion of health as "the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health". Residents aged 65 or older account for 16% of Chiayi County's population (Chiayi County Health Bureau, 2010), and many suffer from more than a single chronic disease. The goals of the Center are to : (1) Establish a collaboration among basic science, applied science, funding agencies, and other partners; (2) Establish best practices for improving patient outcomes and nursing quality, and, for developing health promotion strategies through theoretical research and evidence-based research; (3) Maximize resources through pooled tools, assets, and resources. Accordingly, efforts are being made for this research center to collaborate with Change Gung University of Science and Technology, Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Yunlin Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to conduct research which will benefit the health of residents of central and southern Taiwan.

In the future, the Center hopes to play a dual role of collaborating with other national or international academic institutions, funding agencies, and becoming an international research center for clinical health research.

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