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Chang Gung University Of Science and Technology
Clinical Competency Center

Clinical Competency Center

Integrate clinical professional teaching resources and provide high-end immersive learning environment

To uphold the educational mission of nurturing clinical nursing specialists, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology established the Center in 2010 with the approval of the board of directors, advocating the concept of “student-centered teaching, patient-centered care”. We have integrated advanced medical educational environment, established professional and highly immersive classrooms and clinical skill drill rooms. We keep our pace of education with the US, Canada, Denmark and Australia and create a new era of nursing education. We provide lively simulation teaching and foster clinical critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills. We also create a high achievement learning environment combining “humanity and information; academia and industry.”

The scale of the facility ranks as the highest in Taiwan’s medical and nursing school system. It has Objective Structured Clinical Examination rooms with national standard certification, fully equipped research space, highly immersive medical dummies and molds for each professional subject, full HD smart recording and broadcasting media system for teaching. It is not only a clinical skills training center, but also the best circumstance for national nursing practical skill competition, developmental training of teachers and academic activities. We continue to strengthen enhancements and application management annually, while working with multi- industry alliances to deliver higher academic value.